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Overseas Dentist job opportunities in the UK

Overseas Dentist job opportunities in the UK

Are you looking to make your dream career a reality with The Dental Team Group? We offer unrivalled opportunities for overseas-qualified dentists to work in the UK!

We support the best overseas dentists to start their careers in the UK

Here at The Dental Team Group, we’re proud to have one of the largest communities of overseas-qualified dentists anywhere in the UK. No matter what part of the world you come from, you’ll be able to get the support you need to build an outstanding dental career with us.

  • Guidance & support from a mentor at no cost to you
  • Relocation support to help get you started in the UK
  • Sponsorship visa for up to 5 years
  • NHS and private dentistry that is unique to your career
Overseas Dentist job opportunities in the UK

We support the best clinicians in the world to start their UK careers

At The Dental Team Group, we’re proud to be the first and last stop for overseas-qualified dentists looking to bring their skills to the UK – no matter where you are in the world, we’re ready to support you in taking the next big step in your career! Dozens of overseas clinicians across our group are currently working at one of our practices, and we can help you to join them.

As an Overseas Clinician with us, you’ll have the opportunity to work at one of our mixed NHS & Private practices nationwide, backed by our truly incredible, brilliant and friendly practice teams, our industry-leading clinical support function, and our dedicated Education Centre.

All of this is designed to help you achieve your ambitions and start building your career with us. In your first year, you can expect to earn upwards of £40,000 rising to over £100,000 with experience.

Overseas Dentist job opportunities in the UK

Becoming a practising dentist in the UK

Whether you’re based overseas or have recently moved to the UK, and have registered, or are looking to register, with the General Dental Council (GDC), we want to hear from you: get in touch to find out more about working as a dentist in the UK.

We will support you at every step of the way to becoming a dentist in the UK. We’ll provide a generous relocation package, help you get all the relevant authorisations to work as a dentist, and support you to settle into your new life in the UK. We’ll also provide you with a mentor so that you can start growing your career from day one and have someone to talk to if you have any questions.

Becoming a Clinician with us…

There are four simple steps to becoming a clinician at The Dental Team Group if you are qualified outside the UK, and if you need a visa to work in the UK, we will take care of that for you as well:

Step 1: GDC registration

Step 2: The recruitment process

Step 3: Your induction with us

Step 4: Start work with us in the UK

Start growing your career with us, straight away

When you start work with The Dental Team Group, you will have a formal mentorship with a trained mentor during your first months. This will be with an experienced clinician who will guide you through your first experiences of working in the UK. They are dedicated to you to answer any questions you might have, provide in-the-moment advice, and support you in developing a portfolio that will allow you to get an NHS performer number.

Once you have an NHS performer number, you’ll be able to treat NHS patients as well as private paying patients. This will give you the reassurance of knowing you’ll always have a full diary, as well as giving you access to an NHS pension etc.

The Dental Team Dental Group Best Place To Work Overseas Dentist job opportunities in the UK

FAQs: Overseas Dentists

FAQs: Overseas Dentists

We know you probably have loads of questions, and we’re happy to answer them. For a quick fix, see if your question is one that’s frequently asked, below. If not, then please get in touch.

What are the job options after GDC registration?2023-10-04T20:22:29+01:00
  • With a growing population constantly in need of dental work, dental Clinicians are in high demand – no matter where you’re from, if you’ve got the skills and ability to provide high-quality dental care, you could move to and work in the UK
  • If you have registered as a dentist, then The Dental Team Group can provide you with opportunities as either a private or NHS Dentist
  • As an NHS Dentist, you can still provide private treatments
What are the requirements to practise dentistry in the UK?2023-10-04T20:19:19+01:00
  • Dentists must be registered with the GDC to practise in the UK
  • GDC registration allows private practice while a performer number is required for NHS dentistry
  • Dental professionals must also have indemnity cover which is appropriate to the work they are doing
Are there any other registration options?2023-10-04T20:17:16+01:00
  • It is also possible to register as a dentist with the GDC if you obtain a Licence in Dental Surgery (LDS) qualification
  • An alternative to the ORE or LDS is to gain a UK qualification that will allow a Rest of World (ROW) qualified dentist to register as a dentist with the GDC
    • There is a course provided by UCLan
    • It is an 18-month full-time learning course in the UK, click here for details
What support will I have to practice dentistry in the UK?2023-10-04T20:14:14+01:00

All our Overseas qualified Dentists will work with a mentor when they first start in the UK; your mentor is on hand to provide advice and insight into how to be a dentist in the UK such as treatment planning, procedures and regulations.

What is an Overseas Dentist?2023-10-04T20:12:51+01:00

Anyone holding a dentistry degree from outside of the UK.

Do you offer CPD?2023-10-04T19:52:25+01:00

Yes, we provide all CPD for all of our dental team members at no additional cost. We also have The Dental Team Education Centre, offering hands-on and remote career development.

Can I choose my own lab and materials?2023-10-04T19:52:32+01:00

Yes. As part of our commitment to ensuring your clinical freedom, we trust you to make the best choices for your patients.

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